Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1:48 Quarter Scale Victorian Chaise Photo Tutorial

Here are photos to accompany the directions for my kits with the Quarter Scale Chaise. These are offered in my 1/4" Old cold Chaise Set Kit, 1/4" Victorian Chaise Set Kit, and the 1/4" Blue Iris Chaise Set Kit. The top photo shows the Victorian Chaise with parts of other kits.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Victorian Lady and Wardrobe with Presentation Box

Here is the first of three tutorials for the Quarter Scale Lady and Wardrobe workshop. It is to accompany the printed directions that are included with the kits. This box also accompanies the other Presentation Boxes that are variations of this box. The last photos are extras that I have included in the kit.

Victorian Lady with Wardrobe, QS Lady and Cotton Panel

This tutorial is to accompany my Quarter Scale Lady and Wardrobe kit, here is the doll and the cotton panel with the cotton outfits. The lady is 1 3/8", so she could be used as a quarter scale lady in a scene as well, this height makes her 5 1/2' in real life.

Victorian Lady with Wardrobe, QS Silk Panel

These photos are to accompany the directions with the QS Lady and Wardrobe Kit for the silk panel.